Imago Mundi Irish Collection

Article text
Title of work: Discarded citizen of the state, Tuam
Size: 10x12 cms
Date: 2016

Materials: Wood, fabric, thread
Approximately 140 artists from Ireland or living in Ireland have been asked to contribute to the Imago Mundi collection. Artists are asked to create an artwork using a standard 10x12 cms canvas, though how the canvas is used is entirely up to the individual artists. The resultant art works are then available for exhibition by Imago Mundi. In addition a catalogue of the works, with an introduction by Sean Kissane of IMMA, will be published by Fabrica. The Irish Collection has been curated by Ciara Gibbons.

As one of the selected artists I have made a new work entitled Discarded Citizen of the State: Tuam This work responds to recent revelations about the high infant mortality rate, and the careless disposal of the infants’ bodies, in mother and baby homes run by religious orders in Ireland from the 1920s to 1960s. This is only one of a number of instances in recent years which uncover the marginalised position of many citizens of the newly independent state.